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Golf Courses

Golf Course Construction

N.L.S Contracts offers expert construction services for the golf and sports industry throughout the UK.  From bunker reshaping to a complete new 18 hole golf course, our own directly employed shapers, operators and labourers are engaged in every operation in order to fulfil the project specification. This ensures that each aspect of the construction is under the direct control of the company. We utilise the latest surveying technology along with laser grading & machine control to carry out earthworks, drainage system installation, base construction, ground reinforcement and the installation of a variety of types of surface finish to suit the particular usage or need. 

Services include:

  • Green Reconstruction / Repositioning
  • Green & Tee Drainage Works
  • Tee Reconstruction / Repositioning
  • Surrounds Remodeling
  • Bunker Remodeling

Operating to strict environmental and ecological guidelines, using specialised low ground pressure plant, we can guarantee the fine balance between man and the land.

  • Pre build
  • Ground work
  • Ground Work
  • Bunkers
  • Grass
  • Finished